Exterior cladding with Lunawood® for the municipal Market of San Bernardo (Sevilla)

Lunawood® is once again the main material for the coating of a market, in this case, the Municipal Market of San Bernardo in Seville.

As we also saw in the Sant Adrià del Besòs Market (Barcelona) project, Lunawood's heat-treated wood planks are an excellent option for exterior cladding, since the treatment they undergo guarantees great durability in warm environments such as those of the south of Spain.

Lunawood® heat-treated wood is ideal for warm areas since the heat treatment process removes the resin, thus ensuring a uniform visual appearance. In addition, it reacts favorably to changes in temperature thanks to its dimensional stability.

For this project it has been chosen to cover part of the facade to hide structural elements, providing a modern and rustic appearance that fits perfectly with the rest of the space. In this way, a market from 20 years ago is modernized.

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