Detached house on the Valencian coast

Designed and executed by the Salamandra Interiorismo studio and Baobao Paisajismo as the main provider, the terrace to be designed is a single-family home located on the Valencian coast.

The architecture of the house is characterized by an industrialized construction and sloping facades, allowing light from outside to enter the house, becoming the main protagonist.

The extension of the inclined cantilever of the main façade makes the transition between the interior and the exterior more friendly for the user. With this prolongation of the cantilever, it gives rise to a common space between the interior and the exterior, creating one more room in the house.


The product

The materiality of the new construction, Lunawood Triple heat-treated wood profiles, allows the new interior-exterior space to acquire a warm appearance that, together with the precast concrete of the house itself, sits perfectly in the natural environment, as well as an improvement in light control.

The verticality and lightness of the Lunawood wooden profiles facilitates the concealment of external views and the permeability. Thanks to its easy installation, it becomes an ideal and manageable material for contributing to architecture.


Photographer: German Cabo

Year: 2021