Bamboo flooring Dasso XTE and CTECH for this square in Bilbao

We present you this project carried out with our two bamboo deck Dasso XTE and CTECH for this square in Bilbao. In this project we have used more than 1,000 meters combined of the two products in this space where two schools converge where students can go out to enjoy the outdoors and relax in this space. The project has been carried out by Urbabil and the Bilbao City Council, which has acted as promoter.

In this project, the versatility of bamboo flooring has been used for its great physical and aesthetic properties, which allow the builders to execute authentic works of art, manipulating the material and combining it to create different elements of splendid beauty. The references have been used to decorate the tree planters, turning them into 360 degree benches, a raised platform placed in the centre of the square and another platform giving access to both buildings.

Bamboo decking is an increasingly popular, innovative, ecological and resistant solution for outdoor projects. Their references are subjected to different processes that improve their technical performance, making them resistant to inclement weather, they are resistant to fire, termites and frills and above all they are environmentally friendly.

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