Cozy cabin and deck made of Lunawood® wood

Our client Marcos de las Heras has been commissioned to manufacture this cozy cabin and terrace made of Lunawood wood.

The wooden cabins have a very special charm and due to their functionality, comfort, and pleasant aesthetic appearance, they are a cozy place to enjoy a refuge for weekends, holidays or also for habitual residence.

In this case, approx. 1000 ml were used. of Lunawood heat-treated wood tongue and groove platform ref. Luna Deck 2p format 117 x 26. Said product is installed with a staple, it is a totally natural and pure product. It does not contain chemicals and only water and steam are used in the production process, making it safe to burn or recycle the surplus.

With the heat treatment, thermowood, the wood acquires a beautiful brown tone, and its surface becomes very pleasant to the touch. Recommended for both interior and exterior applications: Decoration, saunas, floors, furniture, terraces, patios, cladding, panels.