Another of the many applications of Lunawood® Luna Triple

This original beverage dispenser is the first of many to be made with Lunawood®'s Luna Triple tongue and groove.

Luna Triple by Lunawood® is a heat-treated wood product produced sustainably using natural methods such as heat and steam. Thanks to this process, it becomes an exceptional material for both interior and exterior applications since it is dimensionally stable, resistant to decomposition and non-toxic. In addition, it is also easy to machine and install.

Thermally modified wood has a beautiful shade of brown, which naturally wears over time to a beautiful silver-grey patina, if the wood is not treated with UV protected, pigmented wood oil.

The Luna Triple tongue and groove is marketed in a measure of 140 x 32 mm., And gives a 3D wood strip effect, resulting in an aesthetically very attractive solution for facades, wall covering or furniture elements.
We continue to have many original projects that our clients send us about Lunawood®, an unequivocal sign that it is a product highly appreciated both for its versatility, aesthetics, and mechanical properties.