MEDFLOOR Aged Palermo M06145

Wood multi-layer decking is a floor covering made from several layers of wood.

The top layer, called "wear layer", consists of high-quality wood, while the inner layers are made of plywood or HDF. This construction provides durability and resistance to changes in temperature and humidity, reducing deformation and the appearance of cracks.

Multi-layer floors offer the warm and elegant aesthetic of natural wood, with the added benefit of being more affordable than solid flooring. Their installation is simple and their maintenance is minimal, which makes them a popular choice for interior spaces.

Medfloor Old is a collection with a rustic appearance due to the presence of knots and the contrast of grains characteristic of oak wood with brushed finishes.

- Measure 1820 x 190 x 14 mm
- Union system: Click
- CD quality
- Bevel: 4 sides

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