ADORE MONARCH Oak Lisboa 1L - AM6910

Adore Monarch is a vinyl/spc floor that is highly resistant in demanding domestic and commercial environments. It has great technical and aesthetic features, which make it a versatile and highly demanded interior flooring. It can also be installed in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.



- Format: 1220 x 181 x 5 mm
- 2G Valinge click joint system
- Micro-bevelled on all 4 sides
- Use class 33/42
- Bfl-s1 fire certification
- Slip resistance R10 - DIN 51130
- Built-in 1.5 mm IXPE Silent Blanket
- Warranty 10 years for industrial use and 25 years for commercial and domestic use.
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Type Length mm
Width mm
Width Thickness mm
8690074 ADORE ROBLE LISBOA AM6910 MONARCH CLIC 2G 1220 181 5 Microbevel 1220 2534 181 mm 5
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