Scientific name: Distemonanthus benthamianus Baill

Geographic origin: Tropical Africa


  • Sapwood Colour: light yellow.
  • Heartwood colour: intense lemon colour

Capacity of being impregnated

  • Sapwood: Medium capacity of being impregnated
  • Heartwood: No capable of being impregnated.


  • Sawing process: difficulties arise from risk of repelling
  • Gluing process: No difficulties
  • Nailing and screwing process: pre-drilling is required
  • Finish: No difficulties

Physical properties

  • Apparent density (12% humidity): 710 Kg/m3. Semi heavy to heavy wood
  • Dimensional stability:
  • - Volumetric contraction coefficient 11% partially nervous wood
  • Hardness (Chaláis-Meudon) 5.6. semi-hardwood

Mechanical properties

  • Resistance to static flexion 1,320 Kg/cm2
  • Elasticity module 114,500 Kg/cm2
  • Resistance to parallel compression 600 kg/cm2


  • Due to its technical characteristics and color it can be an excellent alternative to Iroko wood at a slightly cheaper price.