Scientific name: Detarium Macrocarpum Harms

Other names: Spanish: Bodo, Mambodé, Amouk, Boire

Geographic origin: Central and West Africa


• Sapwood: The white rose.
• Heartwood: reddish brown color is dark brown with betas.
• Fiber: usually fairly straight, occasionally interlocked.


Capacity of being impregnated

Heartwood moderately resistant.

Physical properties

• Timber: No problem.
• Drying: Very slow, will be carried out prudently for risk of deformation and cracks.
• Planing: difficult due to interlocked grain.
• Bonding: No problems.
• Nailing and screwing: You must first drill through the wood.
• Finish: No problem, previously applying a cover pores.


Mechanical properties

• Bulk density at 12% moisture wood semi-hard 670 kg/m3.
• Resistance to static bending 93 M Pa (N/mm2)
• Modulus of elasticity 12.000 M Pa (N/mm2)
• Compressive strength 38 M Pa (N/mm2)