Scientific name: Betula pendula Roth.
B. pubescens Ehrh

Other names: English: Birch

Geographic origin: Europe


Sapwood and Heartwood: from yellowish white to slightly orangey white
Fiber: Straight, occasionally wavy
Grain: Thin
Defects: small knots, small rots



Interior fine furniture. Carved and turned furniture
Interior carpentry for panelling : friezes, molding, baseboad.
Decorative panels and plywood boards

Capacity of being impregnated

Capable of being impregnated to medium capacity of being impregnated


Sawing process: Easy and with no difficulties
Drying process: Easy and Fast, with nearly no defects.
Planing process: Easy.
Gluing process: Easy
Nailing and screwing process: pre-drilling is recommended
Finish: Irregular dyeing. No difficulties on varnish taking.

Physical properties

Apparent density at 12% humidity 650 kg/m3 semi-heavy wood
Dimensional stability
Volumetric contraction coefficient 0.38 % stable wood
Relation between contractions 1.4% no tendency to deformity
Hardness (Chaláis-Meudon) 3.1 semi-hardwood


Mechanical properties

Resistance to static flexion 1,548 kg/cm2
Elasticity module 170,000 kg/cm2
Resistance to compression 526 kg/cm2



It is a highly valued wood thanks to its light colour.