Plaque Lucent Opal S302

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The translucence of HI-MACS® Lucent allows you to light spaces in ways you've only dreamed of. The pastel shades provide a sensuous look when combined with light sources to change the mood of the environment or shade of color.

HI-MACS® Lucent lets you play with light in ways you never thought possible.

Certain colors and thicknesses of HI - MACS® Current transition special translucency in combination with light . Shaped structures and designs that are integrated into the material, further enhances the transparency of HI- MACS®.

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Code Length mm Width mm Thickness mm
4000008 PLACA OPAL S302 1C LUCENT E4 2490 760 6 2490 760 6
4000018 PLACA OPAL S302 1C LUCENT E4 3680 760 12 3680 760 12