The main novelty is the Urban Deck Top Duo Reversible Wood Gray / Ivory platform, which adds to the already existing Urban Deck Top Duo Teka / Ipé

Gabarró presents the novelties for the 2019-2020 season of Urban Deck, its own brand of technological platform.

The main novelty of the Gabarró outdoor platform brand, positioned as a reference for the sector in platforms for outdoor spaces, is the Urban Deck Top Duo reversible design, with one face in gray wood tone and the other in Ivory tone, which adds to the also reversible model released this year Urban Deck Top Duo Teka / Ipé. Both models allow creative and original designs.

The innovative alveolar structure of the Urban Deck Top Duo range, equipped with the latest advances in technological platforms, is semi-solid tubular. This feature offers the product greater resistance and lightness and a high capacity of constant self-ventilation, avoiding overheating by solar action.

As it is an encapsulated flooring, it is anti-stain and does not discolour due to exposure to the sun (anti UV-531) or to the elements. Of great durability in the outside, and with a guarantee of 10 years, the Urban Deck Top Duo platforms are aesthetically pleasing and fit in the most demanding outdoor spaces.
Both the Urban Deck range and the innovative Urban Deck Top Duo are the perfect solution for outdoor spaces that require comfort and warm, refreshing sensations. The most intelligent, sustainable and economic alternative to tropical woods. A practical and functional solution recommended both residential and commercial, especially for the Contract sector.

Gabarró's Urban Decks are made up of 60% wood fibers, 30% HDPE (high density polyethylene), and 10% additives (UV stabilizers, pigments, antioxidants), thus obtaining optimal characteristics of resistance and durability outdoors.
The Urban Deck range is highly functional as it has minimal maintenance. It is simply recommended to carry out a generalized review of fixings the year after installation and repeat this process every three years at the most. The edges of the profiles are rounded so that users can walk barefoot through the spaces adjacent to swimming pools and gardens.

Gabarró supplies all the necessary complements for the installation of its outdoor platforms such as stainless steel staples, covers and strips, which can be technological, autoclave or tropical flanders.
At the aesthetic level, the collection also allows combinations of two different positions of the slats: one with a smooth face and another with a slotted face, which gives an innovative and unique aspect to floors and terraces. It is also available in two colors: Pearl Gray and Brown Glacé.
Their slats are commercialized in measures of 2200 mm. long x 146 mm. of width and a thickness of 23 mm. The collection is complemented with covers in the same shades of 2200 x 80 x 10 mm., To give the installations a perfect finish.

Both collections have great outdoor durability with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty. They are platforms with an attractive aesthetic that have an easy installation thanks to a system of staples, screws and strips of covered wood and have a high resistance to sliding.